Signature Roasting

In addition to the roast to order service for individuals, Custom Cup will offer local restaurants and coffee shops the capability to serve their own name brand roasts to their customers.  We will work with your company to develop a taste and style specific to you and your customer's tastes.  

Single Origin: 

If your establishment would like to offer your customers a single origin coffee expereince, Custom Cup will help you select, source, roast, and package your singnature coffee.  Different regions (i.e. Guatemala Huehuetenango - Finca Rosma) can offer completely different flavor profiles and experinces which you can use to create a unique offering for your customers.  In addition to the flavor, marketing the origin details such as farm or co-op name, elevation, processing method, as well as country and import date can set your coffee apart from your competition.

Signature Blends:

If you prefer to offer a blended coffee experience to your customers, Custom Cup will enable you to mix and match single origin coffees into a single offering all your own.  Blending flavor variations such as chocolate, berry, and vanilla notes allows endless combinations and customization.


Once we are fully operational, we will post availablitly and bean selection.  Until then, please contact Custom Cup via our contact page and let us know what you are looking to provide for your cusotmers and we will develop it into our operational plan for signature roasting.

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