Roaster to Doorstep

Looking to fill a void for locally roasted coffee in Springfield, IL, we developed a microroastery to deliver the freshest coffee possible.  With the renewed market for all things fresh, local, and craft, we have designed Custom Cup to specialize in creating small batch, custom, and roast to order coffee in the heart of Springfield.  In addition to creating great coffee, our vision is to make the entire coffee experience approachable to everyone.  From learning new home brewing methods to understanding the experiences that each coffee can present, we look forward to sharing our obsession for great coffee.

From roaster to doorstep, if you live in the Springfield, IL area, we offer free delivery to your door within 48 hours of your order.  We have finally opened a microroastery downtown at 321 E. Monroe that has retail and brew bar coffee service.  Please stop by our shop for the freshest coffee in Springfield in bags and cups!  For all customers out of our local reach, we will quickly ship your fresh roasted batch across the state or the United States (not free...).

Thank you for visiting!  

Brent & Kendra Boesdorfer

Photo  courtesy of  Tara Long Photo 

Photo  courtesy of Tara Long Photo 

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