Roast to Order

At Custom Cup Coffee, we give you the choice of roast level.  We will always suggest the best roast for each coffee, but the decision is up to you for your custom cup of coffee.  

Coffee is only roasted after you order.

Our light roast is a coffee with light brown color, but not too light as to produce unnecessary acidity.  This is a roasting style that produces a complex cup of coffee and allows each origin to be at its most distinct flavor.  This roast also carries the most caffeine.

At medium roast, the coffee will be dry with a medium brown color.  Coffee made with this roast will present the full flavor without having its characteristics masked by the roast. 

With a dark roast, the coffee will be less dry with a dark brown color.  Coffee brewed from this roast will mute some of the characteristics of the green coffee, especially more acidic tones.  Dark roast will also develop sweetness and body present in the coffee which is great for espresso.  However, our dark roast is substantially lighter than traditional dark roasts that are usually oily and almost burnt.

Keep it Fresh
After roasting, the coffee needs to rest for 12-24 hours.  After the rest period, we recommend consumption within 14 days.  Every day after the rest period degrades the flavor of your coffee, so please do not order more than you will consume in 2 weeks!  In addition, try not to grind more coffee than you will use in a day and do not store your coffee in the freezer!  

Please allow up to 48 hours from placing your order for us to roast and deliver/ship.  

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