Roast to Order

Beyond the tedious work of coffee farmers to produce a successful fruit, roasting is one of the most important steps in creating a perfect cup of coffee.  At Custom Cup, we only roast your order after it is received.  Each individual order is unique so roasting only small batches allows us to see the progress and transformation of the coffee.

We have developed three distinct roast profiles that highlight the inherent attributes of the coffee, not just the roast.  Coffee can produce a variety of flavors by adjusting the level of roast.  With roast to order, you can customize your coffee to your favor.  When you select your coffee in our shop, simply indicate which roast level you prefer.

  • City Plus Roast - Light Brown:  A City Plus roast will produce a coffee without any of its natural oils appearing on the surface.  This is a roasting style that produces a complex cup of coffee and allows each origin to be at its most distinct flavor.
  • Full City Roast - Medium Brown: At Full City roast, the coffee will be dry with intermittent oil patches with a medium brown color.  Coffee made with this roast will present the full flavor without having its characteristics masked by the roast. 
  • Full City Plus Roast - Dark Brown: With a Full City Plus roast, the coffee will be less dry, with more intermittent patches of oil.  Coffee brewed from this roast may mute some of the characteristics of the green coffee, especially more acidic tones.  Full City Plus roast will also develop sweetness and body present in the coffee and is great for espresso.

After roasting, the coffee needs to rest for 12-24 hours.  After the rest period, we recommend consumption within 14 days.  Every day after the rest period degrades the flavor of your coffee, so please do not order more than you will consume in 2 weeks!  In addition, try not to grind more coffee than you will use in a day to keep every brewed cup fresh!  Please allow up to 48 hours from placing your order for us to roast and ship.  

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