The Chemex multi-cup pourover method is a great way to share brewed coffee at home.  It uses one of the coolest glass brewers that is purely simple in every way.

To get started you will need the following tools:

  • Slim Spout Kettle (ex. Hario Buono 1 Liter)
  • Chemex 6, 8, or 10 cup brewer
  • Coffee Grinder (ex. Hario Skerton, electric burr grinder may be easier for multi-cup)
  • Filter (Chemex Brand)
  • Freshly roasted coffee 

Time:  All in, this method takes about 5 minutes including heating the water and grinding your coffee.  


  1. To start, fill your kettle with a little more than the desired amount of coffee that you want to have to drink, heat until it boils, then turn heat to low.  (For 8 cup Chemex, I fill my 1 liter kettle within 1 inch of the top, about 804 grams)
  2. As soon as you turn the heat on to boil your water, start to grind your coffee.  For 8 cup Chemex, measure out about 62 grams (about 12 tablespoons - more or less depending on taste).  Grind to a medium-coarse level that looks somewhere between table salt and kosher salt.
  3. Insert your Chemex filter into the brewer per instructions.
  4. Pour your ground coffee into the filter.
  5. Pour just enough heated (200 degrees) water over the coffee grounds to saturate the top.  
  6. Wait 30 seconds to allow the coffee to "bloom".
  7. Continue to slowly pour the water over the coffee grounds, keeping the water level about 1/4 inch below the top of the brewer.  Pour in circular motions to keep all of the coffee saturated.
  8. Once water is complete, allow the coffee to drip through the filter and into your cup.  It should take about 3.5 to 4 minutes to finish.
  9. Remove the brewer and toss the filter in the compost or trash.
  10. Enjoy your cup of coffee!

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