Costa Rica Aquiares Peaberry


Costa Rica Aquiares Peaberry



Name of Farm: Aquiares

Region: Aquiares, Cartago, Costa Rica

Processing type: Depulped with a Penagos DCV 306, mechanically washed and dried for 32 hours in a guardiolas

Altitude: 1,200 to 1,350 masl

Plant Varietal: Caturra Peaberry

Harvest Dates: October 2017 to January 2018

Cupping Notes: honey, lemon, with an almond fragrance and overall complexity

Aquiares mainly grows the Caturra variety of coffee. That said, the challenges posed by climate change and pests require constant experimentation with new varieties. To do this, the farm has developed a Varietal Garden were more than 30 promising varieties are being tested for cup quality, pest resistance and productivity.

While large by Costa Rican standards, the farm still takes care to give individual attention to each of its trees. Aquiares takes the time to prune each plant independently, instead of pruning by row or lot. Aquiares’ brand is defined by such a sustainable agricultural approach that both ensures quality and promotes environmental responsibility.

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