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HydroFlask 16 oz. FlipTop


HydroFlask 16 oz. FlipTop

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We looked and looked and looked for the perfect tumbler for our coffee customers and now we have it!  HydroFlask is a small company is located in Bend, OR and they produce some of the best insulated beverage products we have ever found.  It is hard to admit, but these things almost keep your coffee TOO hot.  Thanks to science, they can double as a cold beverage holder for our cold brew coffee or your chilled beverage of choice.

Our HydroFlasks hold 18 ounces, have a flip-top lid, and a matte black finish.  The Custom Cup Coffee logo is laser engraved, so no chance of it rubbing off anytime soon.  At our shop, your first fill is free, and then just $2 after that.  Our normal 12 ounce cup is $2, so your ROI will hit soon, as long as you keep buying our coffee...



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